How to Build a Great Homepage That Converts Visitors Into Customers

The homepage is the first page that a web browser displays when it is opened. It usually serves to orient visitors and provide them with information about the website or its owner. It is the primary page that a user will see when visiting a website, and often includes titles, headlines, and images and visuals to help the viewer understand what they can find on the site 홈페이지 제작 업체.

The home page is a critical part of the Internet, and one that is often under-appreciated by web designers. In fact, the average web user doesn’t actually visit a homepage unless they are specifically directed to it by the website.

In a sense, the homepage is a website’s front door, and it plays a huge role in attracting traffic and converting visitors to customers. But in order to have a successful home page, it needs to be built with purpose.

A good example of this is Sprout Social, which offers a user-friendly experience that makes financial services easy to navigate for everyone from novices to professionals. This page is also quick to load, works well on mobile devices, and facilitates access to the information that users need.

Some of the most common homepage elements are a compelling content offer, secondary CTAs, and contact information. These elements will entice site visitors to learn more about your business and convert them into customers.

Content Offerings

Whether you’re selling products or services, you need a great content offer to catch visitors’ attention and encourage them to click through to more pages on your website. This can be anything from a whitepaper to an ebook to a guide.

Calls to Action

Your homepage should include two or three calls to action that direct your site’s visitors to different stages of the buying cycle. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for your visitors to click through and move forward in the sales process.

These calls to action can range from an email address or phone number to a contact form or subscription enrollment form. They can also include links to other parts of your website or to social networking accounts. If you want to add even more calls to action, consider adding a button that will take them directly to another page within your site.